What forms of payment can I use?

Scent Haven accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express Credit Card, and PayPal for all our subscription orders. In addition, we accept one-off upfront payment for the 6 month and 12-month options. You can update your billing information at any time on-page as well.

I’m ready to place an order, what next?

Our brand new subscribers will be billed as soon as they place their initial order. For more information, the order processing and shipping status can be easily found. Just go to “My Profile”, then go to “Order”.

I need a break; can I skip/pause my subscription?

Absolutely! You can pause your subscription at any time, it’s rather simple, if you are an active subscriber, just click on the “My Profile” option (located at the top right of the website). From there, select “Subscription” and then next to the ‘Status’ select “Deactivate”. Once you have done so, Scent Haven will pause your […]

When can I expect to be billed for my subscription?

Once you have made your initial purchase in the first month, you will be billed immediately. Starting from the second month onwards, you will fall under our scheduled regular billing and shipping cycle. From now on, you will only be billed on the subscription date of each month and will not see any additional charges […]

Does Scent Haven charge Tax?

Following the guidelines and laws as per the Australian Tax standards, goods and services (GST) must be applied when sold or consumed within Australia. Scent Haven will charge 10% GST on all the purchases made on www.scenthaven.com.au, the price displayed on our website is the final price of the product, with GST included. You can […]