Are your fragrances authentic?

Here at Scent Haven, we are deeply proud of what we do and what we offer, and we can guarantee that all of our fragrances are 100% genuine, sourced directly from the licensed and authorised vendors. Scent Haven will never carry any knock-offs nor will Scent Haven order anything from any unethical party. Scent Haven […]

Will my Scent Haven subscription fit in my mailbox?

At Scent Haven, we always value our customers. We will always make sure that our customers receive only the best service we can possibly offer. During the first month, you will receive multiple goodies, these include a welcome pack with a high-quality fragrance box, a welcome note, a description of the fragrance of your choosing, […]

How do I buy extra fragrance cases?

You have the option to choose from a list of available colours as part of your subscription, in addition to this, we offer an additional Free case every fourth month of your subscription. If you want to purchase any additional fragrance cases, you can contact us HERE.

Can you please explain the process from payment to shipment?

Month 1: When you have first signed up for your subscription, your payment will be automatically accepted on the same day. Scent Haven will ship you your very own Welcome pack from our fulfilment centre within 7-10 business days. After Month 1: At the start of the second month, as a recurring subscriber, you will […]

What is Scent Haven?

At Scent Haven, we pride ourselves on helping our customers discover new fragrances without having to commit to the entire bottle. Each and every month, we’ll deliver a 30-day supply of an authentic renowned fragrance of your choice right at your doorstep. Our monthly supply equates to 140 sprays, which is more than enough for […]

Is there a phone number for Scent Haven?

At the current moment, Scent Haven does not offer any form of phone support, however, in the case that you want to ask us anything, we can be easily reached via any of our other forms of contacting us, this includes email, social media chat, or by simply leaving a message in our pop-up chat. […]

I am having trouble with the website, what should I do?

The Scent Haven website is compatible with Google Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge browsers. If you are encountering any unexpected difficulties with our website, it is advised that you try a different browser. If this doesn’t fix the issue, please contact us and we will look into it.