How far in advance can I order a gift subscription?

You can order a gift subscription whenever you like. The Digital Gift Card will be sent to you immediately after the payment. The Gift Subscription will not be activated until your recipient has redeemed the gift. Please Note: All Gift Subscriptions has a 12 months’ expiration period before the recipient can redeem the gift. If […]

How do Gift Subscriptions work?

Your loved one will receive a Scent Haven subscription that works just like all other subscribers’. Once you have purchased a Gift Subscription, you will receive a digital Gift Card with a coupon code together sent to your email. You can forward the email to your recipient and they can start to redeem their gift […]

I want to send Scent Haven as a gift

Scent Haven offers Gift Subscriptions. You can send 3, 6 and 12 months Scent Haven Gift Subscriptions to your loved ones. Once you have purchased a gift subscription you can select the fragrance you want and ship it to the nominated address. The receiver will receive a welcome pack along with a Coupon code to […]