How do I improve my scent recommendations? Why should I rate fragrances?

Here at Scent Haven, we highly encourage our customers and subscribers to rate the fragrance they get. Customers will also receive reminders via email. Rating the scents that have had experience with will help us at Scent Haven to better understand your scent preferences, allowing us to reach our customers’ highest expectations. Scent haven will […]

I just signed up! What do I do next?

Once you have signed up at Scent Haven, you will be redirected to the fragrances page and you are officially ready to go. On the fragrances page, you are able to select any fragrances and click the “Add to queue” option, your preferred fragrance will then be displayed on the header of the page in […]

What are my subscription options?

Our subscription begins with a monthly package of $19.95 a month. Currently, we also offer 6 months and 12 months subscriptions: Monthly gift package for $19.95 6 monthly gift package for $101.75 12 monthly gift package for $199.50 We, at Scent Haven, will send out a FREE travel case on every 4th month of the […]

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can easily your subscription at any time. Please note: Our billing cycle will always start at the date of subscription for each month for different subscribers. Therefore, if you want to cancel your monthly subscription, make sure to do so before the scheduled billing of next month, doing so will result in you not […]

I forgot to choose my monthly product, now what?

This can occur occasionally and you don’t have to worry and we will look after it if a fragrance hasn’t been added to your queue by the monthly cutoff date. We will in turn send you our fragrance of the month. The fragrance of the month is the featured perfume for our female and male […]