I don’t think my promo code is working properly

If you are active with our referral program, you are eligible to claim your FREE fragrance on your second month. The promotional code will be available immediately and displayed on your Scent Haven Profile upon the successful referral and can start claiming your FREE fragrance on the second month after the regular billing cycle. (No […]

What is your promotion code policy and how they work?

Scent Haven offers promotional code or coupon code occasionally and periodically. Each promotional code can be applied to all the subscription orders. Each promotional code cannot combine with other existing offers.

I’ve heard good things about your referral program

Scent Haven cannot wait to share our referral program with you! As an active subscriber. You will receive one FREE fragrance from EVERY successful referral, and there is no cap limit!! Click HERE to find your unique referral link and you can send the link to anyone via Email or Social Media channels. For all […]