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Trusted by our happy customers on Google Review


Trudy Pickles, Candy Kiss

Omg!! So far I would have to say since starting my subscription a few months ago, this one is my favorite 🙂


Paige Calvo, Mon Guerlain

Gorgeous scent, very pretty and flirty. I couldn’t separate any of the notes, but they blended together perfectly to create a beautiful perfume.


Yvette Urban, Gucci Guilty

Gucci Guilty has been one of my all time favourites since it came out in 2010. The smell is so addictive, sexy, gives you confidence and power. Great for all seasons day and night.

How Scent Haven Subscriptions Work

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! There is nothing to stop from shopping for the best fragrances at Scent Haven. You don’t have to subscribe to shop at Scent Haven, click HERE to find out more.

Month 1:

When you have first signed up for your subscription, your payment will be automatically accepted on the same day.
Scent Haven will ship you your very own Welcome pack from our fulfilment centre within 7-10 business days.

After Month 1:

At the start of the second month, as a recurring subscriber, you will receive your fragrance within 10 business days after your payment goes through. If your payment does not go through, another attempt will be made and your order will be sent out within 10 days according to when the payment was made.

Shipping and Tracking:

Once your order has been sent for shipping, you will receive a confirmation email with your order status and a tracking number so you can monitor the status of your delivery. Your order can be tracked through your Scent Haven account, click here for the tracking system.
Depending on the order, delivery time may vary as we are very meticulous, and we pride ourselves in the great number of cares give for our customers and their orders. Also, as fragrances are considered hazardous materials, shipping may be delayed.

Our subscription begins with a monthly package of $19.95 a month. Currently, we also offer 6 months and 12 months subscriptions:

We, at Scent Haven, will send out a FREE travel case on every 4th month of the subscription to all our active subscribers, in addition to this, all of our active subscribers will receive an extra FREE travel case on their birthday month.

Our subscriptions are recurring with no contract obligation, you do not have to worry about any hidden costs or hidden shipping fees at our subscribers’ expense. If any of our customers wish to cancel their subscription, they may do so at any time.

Once you have signed up at Scent Haven, you will be redirected to the fragrances page and you are officially ready to go.
On the fragrances page, you are able to select any fragrances and click the “Add to queue” option, your preferred fragrance will then be displayed on the header of the page in the calendar icons.

To activate your subscription, you will need to click on the “Subscription Required” button, once you have done that, you can now enter your billing details to begin.

Once you have entered the billing info, you will be required to select your first scent within 12 hours.

Click HERE to add perfume to your queue.

Please note that in the case that you don’t select your preferred scent within the first 12 hours of having activated your account, you will receive an email notification confirming that Scent Haven will be sending you the featured scent on the month, depending on your gender.

Any and all of our subscribers can easily change, delete or even add new scents by simply using the drag and drop option we offer, just place your selected scent to the preferred month.

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