Frequently Asked Questions



Here at Scent Haven, we are deeply proud of what we do and what we offer, and we can guarantee that all of our fragrances are 100% genuine, sourced directly from the licensed and authorised vendors. Scent Haven will never carry any knock-offs nor will Scent Haven order anything from any unethical party.

Scent Haven will always guarantee that our sleek Scent Haven custom vials contain genuine fragrance from the original large bottles. However, please do know that Scent Haven is not associated with designers’ perfumes nor is Scent Haven associated with their manufactures in any way.

Absolutely! All our 8ml subscription fragrances are travel friendly.

We are only shipping within Australia for now.

Absolutely! There is nothing to stop from shopping for the best fragrances at Scent Haven. You don’t have to subscribe to shop at Scent Haven, click HERE to find out more.

At Scent Haven, we always value our customers. We will always make sure that our customers receive only the best service we can possibly offer.

During the first month, you will receive multiple goodies, these include a welcome pack with a high-quality fragrance box, a welcome note, a description of the fragrance of your choosing, an aluminium case a vial, please be aware that this may not fit in your mailbox.

During your second month, the parcel you will receive will be more compact and has a better chance of fitting in your mailbox.

You have the option to choose from a list of available colours as part of your subscription, in addition to this, we offer an additional Free case every fourth month of your subscription. If you want to purchase any additional fragrance cases, you can contact us HERE.

Month 1:

When you have first signed up for your subscription, your payment will be automatically accepted on the same day.
Scent Haven will ship you your very own Welcome pack from our fulfilment centre within 7-10 business days.

After Month 1:

At the start of the second month, as a recurring subscriber, you will receive your fragrance within 10 business days after your payment goes through. If your payment does not go through, another attempt will be made and your order will be sent out within 10 days according to when the payment was made.

Shipping and Tracking:

Once your order has been sent for shipping, you will receive a confirmation email with your order status and a tracking number so you can monitor the status of your delivery. Your order can be tracked through your Scent Haven account, click here for the tracking system.
Depending on the order, delivery time may vary as we are very meticulous, and we pride ourselves in the great number of cares give for our customers and their orders. Also, as fragrances are considered hazardous materials, shipping may be delayed.

At Scent Haven, we pride ourselves on helping our customers discover new fragrances without having to commit to the entire bottle. Each and every month, we’ll deliver a 30-day supply of an authentic renowned fragrance of your choice right at your doorstep. Our monthly supply equates to 140 sprays, which is more than enough for the 4 daily sprays for 30 days.

The first time you place your order, you will receive our sleek, travel-friendly aluminium case at no extra charge.

As our portfolio continues to grow in both size and diversity, we will always have a range of designer fragrances for you to purchase.

At the current moment, Scent Haven does not offer any form of phone support, however, in the case that you want to ask us anything, we can be easily reached via any of our other forms of contacting us, this includes email, social media chat, or by simply leaving a message in our pop-up chat. We will respond to all of our customers, however, if you don’t receive an immediate answer during peak time, please allow us 3 to 5 business days to properly answer any of your enquiries.

The Scent Haven website is compatible with Google Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge browsers. If you are encountering any unexpected difficulties with our website, it is advised that you try a different browser. If this doesn’t fix the issue, please contact us and we will look into it.

My Account

In the case where you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking ‘Forgot your password?” on the login screen.

Membership & Subscribing

Here at Scent Haven, we highly encourage our customers and subscribers to rate the fragrance they get. Customers will also receive reminders via email. Rating the scents that have had experience with will help us at Scent Haven to better understand your scent preferences, allowing us to reach our customers’ highest expectations.

Scent haven will send you scent recommendations based on the scents you have rated. Therefore, the more scents you rate as a customer, the better experience you will have in the long run.

Yes, you can. Premium subscriptions can select all of the perfume ranges, you can even select nail wraps that can be found on the website.

Once you have signed up at Scent Haven, you will be redirected to the fragrances page and you are officially ready to go.
On the fragrances page, you are able to select any fragrances and click the “Add to queue” option, your preferred fragrance will then be displayed on the header of the page in the calendar icons.

To activate your subscription, you will need to click on the “Subscription Required” button, once you have done that, you can now enter your billing details to begin.

Once you have entered the billing info, you will be required to select your first scent within 12 hours.

Click HERE to add perfume to your queue.

Please note that in the case that you don’t select your preferred scent within the first 12 hours of having activated your account, you will receive an email notification confirming that Scent Haven will be sending you the featured scent on the month, depending on your gender.

Any and all of our subscribers can easily change, delete or even add new scents by simply using the drag and drop option we offer, just place your selected scent to the preferred month.

Our subscription begins with a monthly package of $19.95 a month. Currently, we also offer 6 months and 12 months subscriptions:

We, at Scent Haven, will send out a FREE travel case on every 4th month of the subscription to all our active subscribers, in addition to this, all of our active subscribers will receive an extra FREE travel case on their birthday month.

Our subscriptions are recurring with no contract obligation, you do not have to worry about any hidden costs or hidden shipping fees at our subscribers’ expense. If any of our customers wish to cancel their subscription, they may do so at any time.

There are absolutely NO extra fees required and ALL of the shipping cost is ON US! Click HERE to sign up today.

Please note that all the sales taxes and GSTs are covered in your subscription fee. So, don’t worry about any hidden costs.

You can easily your subscription at any time.

Please note:

Our billing cycle will always start at the date of subscription for each month for different subscribers. Therefore, if you want to cancel your monthly subscription, make sure to do so before the scheduled billing of next month, doing so will result in you not being charged for the upcoming month. If you cancel your subscription after the billing cycle of the next month, your subscription cancellation will be scheduled for the upcoming month. This means you will still receive your last perfume based on the current calendar month for which you have been billed.

In the case where you may have purchased a singular payment of 3, 6 or 12 months, you are entitled to receive your fragrances as well as the other bonuses included in the discounts, However, we, unfortunately, do not offer refunds for all our subscription products. Click HERE to find out more about Returns and Refunds.

This can occur occasionally and you don’t have to worry and we will look after it if a fragrance hasn’t been added to your queue by the monthly cutoff date. We will in turn send you our fragrance of the month.

The fragrance of the month is the featured perfume for our female and male subscribers. The selection of the fragrance is based on the scent preference of your previous order(s) or the popular ones.

  • Find fragrance of the month for HER
  • Find fragrance of the month for Him

Billing & Payment

Scent Haven accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express Credit Card, and PayPal for all our subscription orders. In addition, we accept one-off upfront payment for the 6 month and 12-month options. You can update your billing information at any time on-page as well.

Our brand new subscribers will be billed as soon as they place their initial order. For more information, the order processing and shipping status can be easily found. Just go to “My Profile”, then go to “Order”.

Absolutely! You can pause your subscription at any time, it’s rather simple, if you are an active subscriber, just click on the “My Profile” option (located at the top right of the website). From there, select “Subscription” and then next to the ‘Status’ select “Deactivate”. Once you have done so, Scent Haven will pause your subscription until you reactivate your subscription. Click HERE to find out your subscription status.

Once you have made your initial purchase in the first month, you will be billed immediately. Starting from the second month onwards, you will fall under our scheduled regular billing and shipping cycle. From now on, you will only be billed on the subscription date of each month and will not see any additional charges until the next scheduled billing cycle. Upon successful billing, we will then ship the products within the next 7 business days.

When purchasing a gift pack, you will be billed upfront for the total of the selected months. Once the billing is successful, you will receive ONE coupon (pre-purchased) code that is yours to claim a fragrance for each month. The coupon allows you to claim your fragrance for the purchased months at no extra charge.

Following the guidelines and laws as per the Australian Tax standards, goods and services (GST) must be applied when sold or consumed within Australia.

Scent Haven will charge 10% GST on all the purchases made on, the price displayed on our website is the final price of the product, with GST included. You can find our GST charge on the “Check Out” screen.

Shipping & Tracking

All our active subscribers can find their product shipping status on ‘My Profile’.

For our active subscribers who we are able to bill on the scheduled billing day, shipping information should be displayed immediately under ‘My Profile’.

For those who we were not able to bill until after the regular scheduled billing day, the product shipping information will only be displayed after the payment.

Usually not, however, it depends on the shipping partner and if you are a new subscriber or an existing subscriber. For all our new subscribers, you receive a beautiful welcome pack with a drawer box. Once you have placed your order, you can advise us via email on whether you prefer to sign for your delivery to pick up or simply leave it at your door or in the mail box.

As soon as you have become an active subscriber and have selected your favourite scent, we will send you an email with your tracking information. Your tracking number can also be accessed online under ‘My Profile’.

If you are an active subscriber, click HERE to find your tracking details.

Scent Haven is an Australian owned business, at current state, we only ship to Australia nationwide and hoping to expand internationally soon!

Shipping and Tracking:

Once we have sent out your order, you will receive an email notification with your order status and tracking number for you to monitor the delivery status. Your order can also be tracked through your Scent Haven account in HERE.

Delivery time may vary due to the great care we put to our customers and their orders. In addition, as fragrances are considered Hazardous Materials, it may cause delay during shipping.

On your First Month:

When you have signed up the subscription, you will be billed automatically on the same day.
We will ship out your first Scent Haven welcome pack from our fulfilment centre within 7-10 business days.

After the First Month:

On the second month, as a recurring subscriber, you will receive your package within 10 business days after the successful billing. If your payment was blocked, we will have another attempt and your order will be arranged and sent out within 10 days according to your successful billing date.

If you have received a damaged product in the mail, please feel free to get in touch with our customer service team within the same day after your parcel has been delivered along with a photo attached in the email so that we can assess the issue. We will provide you with a replacement or store credit within 30 days after the issue has been assessed.

Active subscribers can find the product shipping status under the “My Profile” section. Scent Haven’s shipping status consists of 4 stages:

  1. Processing,
  2. Ready to Dispatch,
  3. Dispatched and
  4. Delivered.

In the case that your product hasn’t been delivered 7 days after the shipping status has been updated to either “Dispatched” or “Delivered”.  We implore you to reach out to us via email your order number to “” and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

If you would like to receive an immediate response (please expect a few hours delay due to the volume of requests we receive), contact us on our of our social media channels and send us a message and our customer service team will be able to help you with your issue as soon as possible.

Customers who were not able to be billed on the scheduled billing day, please expect a delay regarding your shipment when the second billing attempt has been made successfully.


We do not accept the returns of the Subscription products, the fragrance cases or vials unless the product was damaged during the delivery.

Please note: You can always add, delete or swap your fragrances in your calendar. Please review your queue on monthly basis before we start processing the shipping.


You can order a gift subscription whenever you like. The Digital Gift Card will be sent to you immediately after the payment.

The Gift Subscription will not be activated until your recipient has redeemed the gift.

Please Note: All Gift Subscriptions has a 12 months’ expiration period before the recipient can redeem the gift.

If you have purchased a 3-month Gift Subscription, the recipient can redeem the Gift at any time within 12 months from the date you have purchased the Gift Subscription.

If you have purchased a 6-month Gift Subscription, the recipient can redeem the Gift at any time within 12 months from the date you have purchased the Gift Subscription.

If you have purchased a 12-month Gift Subscription, the recipient can redeem the Gift at any time within 12 months from the date you have purchased the Gift Subscription.

Your loved one will receive a Scent Haven subscription that works just like all other subscribers’. Once you have purchased a Gift Subscription, you will receive a digital Gift Card with a coupon code together sent to your email. You can forward the email to your recipient and they can start to redeem their gift you have purchased for them. Once they have redeemed the gift, an instruction will be sent to their email address on how to customise and select their fragrance.

You have a choice to extend the gift or the recipient can continue with the subscription after the Gift Subscription period.

Scent Haven offers Gift Subscriptions. You can send 3, 6 and 12 months Scent Haven Gift Subscriptions to your loved ones. Once you have purchased a gift subscription you can select the fragrance you want and ship it to the nominated address. The receiver will receive a welcome pack along with a Coupon code to redeem the free fragrances from the second month and onwards for the purchased period.

Referrals & Promotions

If you are active with our referral program, you are eligible to claim your FREE fragrance on your second month. The promotional code will be available immediately and displayed on your Scent Haven Profile upon the successful referral and can start claiming your FREE fragrance on the second month after the regular billing cycle. (No charge will be applied after entering the promotional code)

Contact Us is you have more questions.

Scent Haven offers promotional code or coupon code occasionally and periodically. Each promotional code can be applied to all the subscription orders. Each promotional code cannot combine with other existing offers.

Scent Haven cannot wait to share our referral program with you! As an active subscriber.

You will receive one FREE fragrance from EVERY successful referral, and there is no cap limit!!

Click HERE to find your unique referral link and you can send the link to anyone via Email or Social Media channels.

For all successful referrals, they will also receive one FREE fragrance.
Please note: When signing up as a new customer through referral program, you can’t combine with other special offers.