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Paco rabanne
Eau De Toilette 8ml

Almost everyone knows One Million by Paco Rabanne or smelled it at least once in a lifetime. This fragrance is recommended for perfume collectors. Read more


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One Million by Paco Rabanne is a woody spicy fragrance for men. This fragrance by Paco Rabanne is a seductive trance that is hard to miss.

The smell makes a person irresistible. The inspiration of the One Million is of the finest metals on the planet Earth is Gold. The creator Paco Rabanne says the following: “In all civilizations and religions gold has always managed to seduce people”. Just like gold which is a part of us all in ways of jewellery, design, clothes, architecture and fashion this perfume is one of a kind. To emphasize, Mone Million was designed for anyone who glitters and sparkles like gold.

The house of Paco Rabanne launched One Million in August 2008. The perfumers behind it are Christophe Raynaud, Olivier Pescheux and Michel Girard. Moreover, the bottle of this edition for men has alluring and mesmerizing golden nuances. This perfume is available in the amount of 50 and 100 ml, as an EDT and with accompanying body care products, Here is the link on how to get your fragrance in a travel-friendly format. The package of One Million is very luxurious, made of a golden body with a diamond crown. Noe Duchaufour-Lawrence is the creator of the outer package for One Million, which is a case that holds a golden lever.

The alluring fragrance has an opening with grapefruit, Blood Mandarin and Mint. The base notes are that of warm beautiful leather and in its heart lies the crisp and fresh Rose and Cinnamon which intrigue and captivates and then finally possess. Click HERE to read our perfume articles and find out more about this fragrance.

To summarize, one Million is a scent of rebellion. The fragrance is for a bad guy who likes things big and bold. He lives life on his own rules. This scent is for one who is ruled by his fantasies and always gets what he wants. This one is for the sassiest gentlemen who lives to follow his dreams because there is no such thing as too much gold.

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Rebottled PACO RABANNE One MILLION by Scent Haven, an independent bottler from a genuine product wholly independent of PACO RABANNE. Scent Haven Australia