4 Reasons To Start Your Perfume Subscription Today
April 14, 2020

"Scent Haven is One of Ten Best Subscription Boxes for Women"

We all want to own the best perfume brands and smell nice without breaking the bank. But buying a full bottle of perfume can be expensive. Some years back, owning a fragrance of your choice meant parting with the right amount to have full bottles of luxurious perfumes.

However, things have changed! Today you can get your favourite perfume brand in appropriate packaging. That’s where Scent Haven comes in.

Have you heard of Scent Haven? In this post, we tell you why you should sign up for Scent Haven.

Check it out, get inspired!

1. Diversity of Choice

How many perfumes should you have at a given time? Only your pocket can limit you. Some people would indeed want to remain with the same fragrance to preserve their signature scent.

But, you can have several brands to use on different occasions; we all want to live in the moment at times. Getting a cologne subscription with Scent Haven allows you to choose and try boot various fragrances.

2. Pocket-Friendly Price

Purchasing a full bottle of your favourite fragrance now and then can be costly, but with Scent Haven, you don't have to worry about the extravagant costs. Subscribe today and get a new 8ml fragrance for just $19.95 every month. The good thing is that you can cancel your scent subscription plan at any time.

3. Quality Is Guaranteed

Quality is our top priority, be it our products or customer service. Scent Haven only sources 100% authentic brands, dealing directly with the certified suppliers. We have high-end brands at affordable prices.  Don’t be left behind.

4. Convenient

We all love to smell good, even when travelling. So when choosing a perfume, you should select a travel-friendly perfume.

Scent Haven makes perfumes come in 8ml glass vials that are enclosed in Aluminum cases that you can park in your backpack and hit the road. We also pack scent in a box, and the cases come in six different colours that you can choose.

Why Use Scent Haven

Scent Haven has been nominated as one of ten best Australian subscription boxes for women that provides high-quality scents discovery platform to help you smell unique. At Scent Haven, we have monthly cologne subscription services that offer you an opportunity to discover new fragrances.

How Does Scent Haven Work?

Want to know how Scent Haven works? The first step is to Sign up for your monthly subscription to get access to the hundreds of fragrances offered at Scent Haven. You can then make your selection from the various designer perfumes available on the website.

Once you make payments, your order processing begins. Your order will be packaged and shipped within 7 to 10 business days.

In the subsequent months, Scent Haven will automatically bill and fulfil your order within ten days.

After making a subscription, you receive an 8ml glass vial that comes with an aluminium case the first time.  A new case comes every 4th month plus a free luxury perfume case on your birthday month.

Bottom line!

Once your pack is sent out, you will receive an email, bearing your tracking number and order status to confirm your delivery. Scent Haven makes luxurious and designer perfumes affordable, while at the same time offering you variety.


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April 14, 2020
4 Reasons To Start Your Perfume Subscription Today

We all love to smell good, even when travelling. So when choosing a perfume, you should select a travel-friendly perfume.

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